Aquarium Charity night

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I attended the City of Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanical Gardens seafood festival. The food was great but my favorite part was exploring the aquarium at night. It was a bummer though because the jellyfish exibit was closed. Anyway, here are some photos:


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CULT PROFILE: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

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The largest occult society in England at the turn of the century and maybe even today, Hermatic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by William Robert Woodman (1828-1891), William Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) and Samuel Liddel Mathers (1854-1918. All three founders were Freemasons.

Having a lodge basis with three levels of membership, the cult was steeped in the gaunt of Masonic and neo-Rosicrucian mysticism. Its practices were inspired by Qabalah (the Q is used to distinguish this cult from the Jewish Kabalah) and included spell casting, yoga, tarot, channeling and astrology. Hermeticism, alchemy and grimoires like the 13th-century Sefer Raziel HaMalakh and John Dee’s (1527-1609) Enochian magic. Famous members included William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) and Arthur Machen (1863-1947). The group is where Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) got his start, though left at odds to start his own philosophical system.

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Lime Legend

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Urban Legend: Deadly Do-Up

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People do insane things in the name of fashion. But can vanity be fatal?

There was a teenage girl that lived in a small town in the American Midwest. She dreamed of making it big in Hollywood and knew she had the innate beauty and talent to succeed with her goals. Being the most popular girl at school took a lot of work and it was starting to effect her grades. Her mother told her that she would have to cut back on the primping and get focused on school.

The girl had an idea to make both her and her mother happy. She soaked her hair in sugar water one night and allowed her hair to solidify in the style she wanted it to. This worked great for her; she was able to sleep more and do better in school. But one morning she didn’t come down to breakfast.

Her mother called her and, thinking she was spending time primping instead of eating breakfast, went angrily up to her room. She checked the bathroom and the lights were off. She looked at the bed and ripped off the covers. She ran out of the room screaming and the father rushed up to see what was wrong.

He saw his daughter dead in the bed with hundreds of bite marks all over her. The coroner later reported that spiders had nested in her hair and as the hairdoo loosened the spiders became aggitated and started biting her.

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Chain Letter: “They Pushed Her”

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I’ve decided to start a new thing here where I post email and social network chain letters in addition to story based urban legends. Here’s one I got off of myspace:

—— Bulletin Message ——

They pushed her down a sewer

About 6 years ago in Indiana, Carmen Winstead was pushed down a sewer opening by 5 girls in her school, trying to embarrass her in front of her school during a fire drill. When she didn’t submerge the police were called. They went down and brought up 17 year old Carmen Winstead’s body, her neck broke hitting the ladder, then side concrete at the bottom. The girls told everyone she fell… They believed them.

FACT: 2 months ago, 16 year old David Gregory read this post and didn’t repost it. When he went to take a shower he heard laughter from his shower, he started freaking out and ran to his computer to repost it, He said goodnight to his mom and went to sleep, 5 hours later his mom woke up in the middle of the night cause of a loud noise, David was gone, that morning a few hours later the police found him in the sewer, his neck broke and his face skin peeled off.

If you don’t repost this saying “She was pushed” or “They pushed her down a sewer” Then Carmen will get you, either from a sewer, the toilet, the shower, or when you go to sleep you’ll wake up in the sewer, in the dark, then Carmen will come and kill you.

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Urban Legend: Mayo-Nightmare

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With all the fast food places around the world, it’s hard to fathom all the animals that have to be “processed” every day just to meet the demand. With the prices for such things dropping as well, it’s statistically impossible for mistakes not to happen. Just hope they don’t happen like this.

Sarah was having an off day; she woke up a bit late and, in the rush to get to work on time, she forgot her lunch. So, at lunch she decided to stop by the McDonald’s resturant across the street from her office.

Once in line, she decided she was in the mood for a chicken sandwich but didn’t like mayonnaise so she told them to hold the mayo. The service was fast and she was begining to like the atmosphere of the place. She took her red tray and headed to a table.

Being quite hungry, she took a rather large bite into the sandwich and felt a gooey, foul-tasting glob of mayonnaise! She got up and went to the register and told the cashier to correct her order. The cashier obliged and the kitchen swore that they had not put mayonnaise. They made her a replacement sandwich and she returned to her table.

A few moments later, Sarah felt extremely ill and started coughing. She stood up and vomitted a strange color all over the floor. Then she coughed up some blood and passed out. The paramedics arrived shortly and asked to see the sandwich she had taken back. Upon inspection, it was revealed that the chicken patty had a large abscess inside of it!

Sarah had her stomach pumped and was fine save for the haunting memory of fast food.

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Urban Legend: Bride and Go Seek

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A wedding is a time for happiness as the joining of two families until death. But what happens when death comes a little sooner than you had planned?

The room was rife with high spirits and elegance as the guests made their way over from the reception to the dinner. A young couple were partying with their friends and family after having just been hitched. The celebration went on late into night and people began leaving to go home.

The few people left decided it would be a great idea to play hide and seek. The groom was excited and jumped at the chance to be “it”. Everybody hid and eventually the groom found them all. But, then someone noticed the bride was missing. They searched through the ballroom and the garden and cane up with nothing. Nobody could think of where she might be, she and her husband were very much in love and she wouldn’t dream of running away. Heartbroken, the groom resigned and hoped she would show up in the morning.

She was never seen again until one day a few months later. A maid was moving around boxes in the attic of the event center where the dinner was held. She opened up a big chest wondering why it was so heavy. What she saw made her blood run cold; the bride’s body, lighty decayed, her face frozen in fear and screaming.

What had happened was the bride got into the trunk to hide but, as she was sitting down, the heavy lid slammed on her head, knocking her unconscious. When she woke up, the cleaning crew had stacked boxes on top of the trunk and locked the latch. She was never heard over the loud parties that took place right beneath her eventual tomb.

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Urban Legend: Haunted Phelps Mansion

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Today our urban legend journey brings us to California. A house that is supposed to be haunted by a murder victim. All who enter, leave before midnight with tales of ghostly thumping noises, gasps, moans, and a wet bloodstain that appears on the floor of the front porch and cannot not be wiped away.

Phelps was an Englishman who had purchased land 20 miles off the Mendocino coast in the 1880s. He had built a huge Victorian manor surrounded by lovely gardens. When everything was to his liking, he sent out invitations to a party to everyone in the community. It was to be the biggest social event of the year, with music and dancing and food. People came from miles around. The only one missing was the son-in-law of an old man named McInturf. They had had a terrible fight that afternoon, and the boy had stormed off in a rage, leaving only a threat to get even with the old man.

Around midnight, the musicians took a break and old man McInturf went out onto the front porch with some friends. Suddenly there came a horse rushing up the lane. A cloaked figure rode towards the porch. McInturf put down his drink. “That must be my son-in-law,” he told his friends as he went down the steps. The figure stopped his horse just outside the glow of the front porch’s lantern-light. There was a scuffle and two loud shots from a gun. Old man McInturf staggered backwards, shot in the throat and the chest. The cloaked figure wheeled his horse around and fled down the lane as friends ran to the assistance of McInturf.

McInturf was laid on the porch. He was bleeding heavily and the guests were afraid to move him. Some wanted to get the doctor, but everyone knew it was too late. So much blood was pouring from the old man’s wounds that it formed a pool underneath his head. McInturf coughed a hideous, choking sound that wrenched at the hearts of all who heard it. Then he died.

McInturf’s body was placed on the sofa, and the terrified guests left in silence. The servants came and wiped the bloodstain from the floorboards. The next day, a wagon was brought to the front of the house and McInturf’s body was carried out onto the porch. As the men stepped across the place where McInturf had died, blood began to pool around their boots, forming a wet stain in exactly the same pattern that had been there when McInturf died the night before. The men gasped in fear. One of them staggered and almost dropped the body. They hurriedly laid McInturf in the back of the wagon, and a pale Phelps ordered the servants to clean up the fresh bloodstain.

From that day forward, that part of the porch could never be cleaned. Every few weeks, a seemingly fresh, damp bloodstain would reappear. They tried repainting the porch a few times, but the bloodstain would always leak through. In the county jail, McInturf’s son-in-law died of a blood clot in the brain. A few months later, one of the servants went mad after seeing what he called a “terrible sight” that made his head feel like it was going to explode. The house was declared to have been haunted by the ghost of McInturf, searching for revenge. The property was resold several times but each resident was driven out by the terrible, gasping ghost of McInturf reliving his last moments and by the bloodstain that could not be removed from the porch. The house was eventually abandoned.

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I decided to take a moment to tell you all about how much I hate pop culture whores. I have a couple of friends who talk about how much they love a certain band after only hearing 30 seconds of one song lowly, in the background of a commercial. While I have known of this band for years in advance and am always trying to introduce new music to them but they say I have poor taste. Until it becomes popular!

There really is nothing that pisses me off more than somebody like that. I’m not one of those people who think an indie band has “sold out” when their music gets featured in a commercial. I’m actually proud that they’re getting the exposure and money that they deserve and it’s not their fault that there are people like this; those who cling to one fad after another, too afraid to make their own decisions (I guess) and live their own life.

The reason I bring this up is that I realized all of my friends are this way to some extent. They’ve only talked about a great band once their music was featured in a movie or something, their car sterio presets are set on pop stations and when we’re listening to my iPod, if one of those songs comes on, they only know it as “that song from that one commercial”.

I guess I’m just difficult. But I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way about stuff. So, Internet, I want to hear your opinions, stories, agreements, disagreements. Leave a comment.

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Urban Legend: Siberian Hole to Hell

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Today our global trail of urban legends brings us to the tundra of Russia. Though this legend kind of originated in Finland and America it’s based on stuff that happened in the Kola Peninsula.

Durring an experimental well drilling project, Russian miners dug a 15 kilometer deep hole and noticed the drill behaving eradically. The pulled up the drill bit and noticed it was melting. They took temperature readings that came back at 180 degrees. Curiousity piqued, they lowered a microphone into the whole heard agonized screams and other strange sounds before the microphone melted.

This story was featured on TBN news twice. Despite being debunked by even Christian magazines. Other endings include that the devil crawled out through the hole and killed all the miners.

Newer incarnations of this myth are sprouting up (through TBN again). This time it’s in Alaska. So, watch out for holes!

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